So pleased to have had this conversation with the Great Heather Mae & Amazing Crys Matthews. Each of them on their own is a superb songwriter and performer. Together, their 6 Feet Apart Pride Tour has been amazing and their advocacy for everything from equality, dignity, body positivity, and mental health has been inspiring. Please join us as we close out our first season of the Tribal Mischief Podcast!

Crys Matthews -

Heather Mae -

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Abbie Gardner has toured internationally as a member of the folk supergroup Red Molly and Craig Aiken has supported artists across the world. We're looking forward to this conversation to talk about how COVID is affecting a couple of musicians, how they are adapting to the new methods of reaching out to an audience, and what the differences have been as they have traveled the world as artists.

Abbie Gardner:

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Craig Akin:

Abbie's Folk Super Group Red Molly:

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That roots of roots music are unquestionably the stories that stem from oppression, from outsider observation, and through self-reflection. The roots of that music also stem from the voice of minorities and unrecognized voices. We were so very pleased to have the time to speak with the insightful, studious, and immensely talented Jake Blount. We discussed his new record that pulls from Southern Appalachia, African, and the Chesapeake Bay region, the work he is doing delving deeper into the origins of music, and in so doing the conversations he is inviting us as a larger community to have.

Jake Blount's Website -

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