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That roots of roots music are unquestionably the stories that stem from oppression, from outsider observation, and through self-reflection. The roots of that music also stem from the voice of minorities and unrecognized voices. We were so very pleased to have the time to speak with the insightful, studious, and immensely talented Jake Blount. We discussed his new record that pulls from Southern Appalachia, African, and the Chesapeake Bay region, the work he is doing delving deeper into the origins of music, and in so doing the conversations he is inviting us as a larger community to have.

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The obvious yet consistent disconnect between most creators and their art is in the delivery of art to an Audience. "Marketing" is a word that many artists stomach with a sense of homegrown Facebook posts, but marketing and promotion is an art unto itself and few do it at the level of Kimberly Sinclair. Her company Spincount (​) has been named Company of the Year for over 10 years by the East Coast Music Association and Music Nova Scotia. This week's conversation touches upon the unique qualities involved in making marketing work, and specifically, the additional challenges that have arisen due to COVID-19.

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The Pierrot or sad clown is a classic symbol of dichotomy in art. To convey loss and longing in a form that is jointly expected to convey joy and laughter is a mighty expectation. Vance Gilbert is the Clown Prince of Troubadors bringing laughter, loss, joy, and barbed examinations of his own background and our cultural truth as a community. He has also developed the reputation of being the performer's performer, educating an entire generation of singer/songwriters in their development of stage proficiency. We had a fantastic time discussing the development

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