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S1E5 - The Vocussionist

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

What is a Vocussionist? Well, you can either smash together "vocalist" and "percussionist" or you can watch Bethlehem The Vocussionist's #WhoAmI​ video on YouTube. In that 11 minutes, she will sing, stomp, or silently explain exactly who she is and her experience during the quarantine.

Bethlehem talked to Jake and Ethan about her artistic introspection in the time of COVID. While her musical projects and performances have mostly been on hold, she's taken the time to investigate who she is to herself. Her projects include Bethlehem and Sad Patrick, and the Lullabye Project in which she helps mothers create lullabies as a means to bonding with their children. She is an incredibly insightful artist and has an amazingly intentional approach to the world and her work. "I celebrate in knowing I am, and always will be, just fine." Bethlehem uplifts her fans just as she did us and the audience during this interview.

Here's our playlist of some of Bethlehem's work.

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