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Recording Services

From pre-production planning to on-site recording, gear rental, and post product rollout, Tribal Mischief Recording Services are a great place to go for the experience, approachable planning, and partnership in showcasing your music the way it deserves.


Production Services


Often we get overwhelmed by the nuances and minutia of the task at hand, and the recording process is no different. 


As a Producer, Tribal Mischief has a few simple philosophies which have propelled our artists’ creativity during sessions, reduced budget concerns, and elevated the success of their record.


  • Play your music, as passionately as you can!

  • Don’t worry about the recording gear.  Our job is to ‘quietly’ choose the right tools, while ‘loudly’ advocating for your performance.

  • With 70+ cumulative years of studio experience between us, we have built a vast network of collaborators and we encourage community.

  • Plan realistic goals, and never ever stop short of them.


It’s that simple. It really is that simple.


Folks music has particularly tall challenges.  Common sense dictates that the fewer instruments involved, the simpler the recording process will be. Ironically, psycho-acoustics proves the opposite. Folk music is tougher to capture than many other genres because each and every instrument is naked, masking is negligible, and even the most minute detail is exposed.

Choosing a producer with significant experience in the folk genre is paramount. We’re excited to hear what you’ve created. Let’s get mischievous.

Boston Studio A


Nestled north of Boston in Newburyport is a 128 track recording and editing suite, complimented with mics such as matched Neumann U87s & 184s, Royer R122 Ribbons, AKG 414s, Focusite class A mic pre’s, and a plethora of additional toys. For maximum global compatibility, the default engine is Pro Tools, but capable of running most popular DAWS.


Philadelphia Studio B


In the city of brotherly love resides studio B, a purpose-built mastering facility combining a state of the art Digital workstation with the highest quality vintage or tube outboard gear.  While specifically tuned for mastering, the studio is online with studio A for networked Pro Tools sessions, and can run most popular DAWs for location overdubs.


Maine sorta Studio C


While hardly a studio per se, we’ve been known to bring our mobile recording rig to the quiet and secluded island of Bremen Maine, for distraction-free recording getaways in Ethan’s waterfront cabin.  The Pro Tools based mobile rig supports 48 tracks of digital audio and the cleanest, freshest air you’ll ever breath

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