Over the past year, Ellis Paul has been hosting a successful weekly live stream show celebrating songs and songwriters and featuring some of North America’s greatest traveling tunesmiths. To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of The Traveling Medicine Show, Ellis is creating a  live stream festival with multiple stages for interviews and performances with a collection of some of his favorite artists.


Susan Werner

“Werner is a songwriter and musician who is in such complete command of her gifts that it’s almost scary.”

Tom Rush

"His voice has grown even richer and more melodic, and his music, like a fine wine, has matured and ripened in the blending of traditional and modern influences."

Vance Gilbert

“If Joni Mitchell and Richie Havens had a love child, with Rodney Dangerfield as the midwife, the results might have been something close to the great Vance Gilbert.” 

Heather Mae

“Mae's voice is a standout feature. Sometimes a guttural scream or growl, sometimes smooth and effortless, her voice seems capable of any feat or style.”

Benjamin Dakota Rogers

"Rogers' unique voice, thought-provoking lyrics, energetic performances and dynamic fiddle techniques leave this up-and-coming musician in a class of his own."

Crys Matthews

"We're not often enough met with people like Matthews who eist as reminders of what beauty can occur when we bridge those divides."